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4-layer Purification

Made through electrostatic filter material. Comfortable, Breathable, Soft and Easy to use.
4 layers of high-quality non-woven fabric preserve the respiratory tract from air pollutants and dust, pollen, virus, and so on.

Outer soft non-woven fabric layer

Blocks particles and pollen.

First Middle cotton layer

Filters out dust, smog and germs.

Second Middle soft fabric layer

Filters out dust, smog and germs.

Inner soft non-woven fabric layer

Absorbs exhalation and avoids secondary pollution.


Adjustable nose piece optimize seal. Advanced non-woven fabric provides easy breath. Unique design in loop wrap and full-length nose guard help provide a secure and comfortable protection. Light-weight and adjustable nosepiece for secure fit and seal.


Durable & stretchable straps with dual point attachments, ensureing a reliable protection.


7.8"L x 3.5"W (Unexpanded) - All sizes are approximate measurements

Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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Weight 0.35 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 0.2 in

Made in Korea